Le Mont Saint Michel

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An architect friend of mine introduced me to the fascinating world of photography back in 2008. An armature photographer himself, he has been insisting on me buying a DSLR and try my hand on photography. Eventually I decided to buy Nikon D60 and 18-55 & 55-200 lens and small tripod just before I was going to Europe on business and a short holiday in France. I really wanted to test my camera and also meet an old dear friend of mine who is living there.

He made all my plans to show me around Brittney and Normandy. I had no idea where all he will be taking me. So one fine evening, after a memorable night in Normandy we slowly through winding roads he took me to the foothills of Mont Saint-Michel. The very first view of the mount with the cobalt sky background took my breath away and I was speechless.

Lighting design for this mount was done by Louis CLAIR of Light Cubles
The photo series here are definitely not the best I have produced but very dear to me. Enjoy….

Official Website of le mont saint Michel

2 Replies to “Le Mont Saint Michel”

  1. Indeed a beautiful collection from an amateur shooter like you, considering all these were taken years back! Your D60 was a compelling unit to get all the wows as you have got most of your colorful shots through it..

    Hats off to you! I’m sure you had great fun there in Britanny as the pictures proved how great the trip it was. Keep clicking and sharing!


  2. Thx a lot Fay 🙂 You always know how to put the best commend 🙂 It was a real fun being there and hope I can go back there sometime soon ..


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