A street


Roaming through the a narrow alley in Diera on humid early morning in August.

There are things hidden for all the world until photographed. Craig Coverdale


Spice Souk




If you want to get away from the glitz and glamour of Dubai and want to have a taste of tradition, the place for you to head down will be the ‘Spice Souk’ in Al Ras, Diera. The souk whose history trace back to the trading history of Dubai is statergically located close to the Persian gulf, and has exotic spices from across the Middle East.

Early morning golden sun-ray play hide and seek through the wooden column  and thached  roof of the souk. I was there on a hot humid summer morning to capture this morning light sneaking into the narrow corridors, laying a welcome mat for the curious visitors.

“Light cannot enter a dark room without illumining it.” Matshona Dhliwayo

Light and Dark


“Architecture which enters into a symbiosis with light does not merely create form in light, by day and at night, but allow light to become form.” Richard Meier

The deal maker


Most of deals are made over the phone. The potential buyer from Oman or Qatar comes, inspects the camel and toward the end of the day, calls back to finalise the deal.

Sunset over the Market


The sun was going down throwing its golden rays over the market. The curious camels were looking at me wondering what is that black device I am holding. Up above the top of the dune, sellers were telling the stories of the day. There is also two men discussing perhaps stories back home on the slope. They decided not to be in the main group.

This is a small camel market in Dubai away from its glitter and glamour.

The Market


A group of workers erecting a steal pole to securely tie the camel for the night. Another group of men on top of the sand dunes discussing the days activities. Sun is going down faster than some of the sellers wish for.

There is no talk or worry about oil price going down, buzz in the air seem to be:

‘Keep calm and buy a camel”

Another day coming to an end in the Dubai Camel market.

A Coffee Shop


Among the hustle and bustle of the local camel market, there is this colourful coffee shop sit on top of the sand dune. Deals are not necessarily made here but this is where the traders come to share days stories and the deals that made. Serving is mainly Arabic coffee, or ”Al-Qahwa’’.