An award winning photographer who uses the medium of light to engage with his audience.

Photography is a non-verbal communicative art form, it conveys the vision of the artist / photographer to the viewer, just like Mozart’s symphony speaks to its listeners; a Rembrandt’s painting speaks to its viewers. Similarly, Dostoevsky used the novel and Jimmy Hendrix used the guitar to communicate. This very power of  visual art to communicate and connect with its viewers is what I do with my photographs.

Photography in its versatility, suggested truthfulness and the way in which artists distort or interpret ”reality” has been a part of photography since the advent of the daguerreotype in 1839. The new digital world opened up new creative tool for artists. The new digital camera and the digital dark room has given us a chance to travel through visual terrains who which were not possible in the past.

In this world of instant messaging, snap chat, tumbler, Instagram, everybody uses visual language, even if it’s sometimes unintended. The problem with unconsciously using that language is that it stops short of true creativity. Creativity requires invention and understanding. Push yourself to know why you like what you like and to understand what is being said in the images you like. Hence, we are moving more and more towards visual communication world, photography has become most potent instruments of communication. Good photos are made by photographers who learn the concepts, employ the language and also know when to break the rules to great effect.

Good composition, concept and focus are the elements that drive the story told by pictures and which influence the emotional responses of the viewer. If  it communicates, captivates, if  it engages and tell you a story, it is a good picture.

Enjoy the visual journey, hope it is music to your eyes and please do leave a comment, communicate with me.

Yours truly,

Ajith Gopinathan

AG Studio

E-mail : ajithld <at>






14 Replies to “About”

    1. Thx a Kipyang 🙂 I am glad you liked them . think of a nice poem for some of them 🙂 I struggle to find the right words some times 😉 My voice is my camera !!


  1. You’re very welcome 🙂 I would love to add a photo from your collections and linkback to you on my next short poem (haiku). Is it okay? Visual arts are indeed creations at its finest. And these are inspiring.


    1. That will be fantastic 🙂 I will be honoured ! Please do so ..

      I would love to see your interpretation through your words and rhymes aka ‘haiku’ .. look forward to it 🙂 Salamat !


  2. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos that have reminded me of my trip there. The Grand Zayed Mosque is a breathtaking, graceful and blessed place. Kind regards from France


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