Memories Of a Mother

My mom passed away in September 2011 ! One of the darkest days in any ones life. Those who lost mother can relate how it feels. The fact is she is no longer there in this eternal world, not been able to touch, speak or smile with take time to sink in but eventually it hursts your heart more and more. In a way she is the link we all have to this world.

Below are some of the images of her I had taken over a period of time. Most of them after she was diagnosed with the dreaded decease Myeloma.

She was a very positive woman, full of energy and positiveness around her. I got her by surprise in this picture. She was in the kitchen cooking and called her out and took this shot.

Friends and dear ones loved her. They look forward to be with her, laugh with her. This one again was a surprise shot. She wasn’t expecting me to take this photograph.

Her loved Scooby, one of the two gigs she was keeping. This was her favorite. You can see she needed to wear the braces to support herself.

In her garden, which was her refuge frown the pain caused by the decease. She had a huge harden, envy of neighbors and relatives.

You will never realize the love, affection and care a mother gives to us until they leave. The void they leave in our life is beyond words can express.

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