Dresses of Memory

Fibre optic dress

The Singapore Night Festival, organised by the National Museum of Singapore presented some fantastic light installations. The festival took place on Aug 22 to 23 and Aug 29 to 30, 2014.

The theme for this this years performance was ‘Bold And Beautiful, and there were more than 130 activities spread across 10 venues, including spectacular light installations and live performances.

The attached picture is ‘Dresses of Memory’ by Taegon Kim, 43 years old. An art installation in which he uses 40km of fibre optic cables to handweave the dresses. They appear floating in the dark, each dress tells its own story, as they slowly change colour through the night. The venue

Kim’s work celebrates the romance of being in love and having a lover’s silhouette imprinted on the webs of one’s memory.

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