Chaos into Clarity









A kaleidoscope of colors and patters floating on light is the first impression one get when you walk into building P of SAF Artspace for the exhibition curated by Shannon Ayers Holden titled Chaos into Clarity. She is an independent curator from US moving to UAE with her husband six years ago.

The exhibition was the work of American textile artist Xenobia Bailey, Moroccan born photographer and designer Hassan Hajjaj and British Trinidadian filmmaker and sculptor Zak Ove.

The space is illuminated by ERCO Cantax and Stella Spot lights.

10 Replies to “Chaos into Clarity”

  1. These a Beautiful shots of my art work at the Sharjah Art Foundation…. I would like to use some of these photo’s for my PR… Truly wonderful photography.


    1. Hello There,

      I am really honoured by your commend ! You are a great artist and I was awestruck by your work when I saw them in SAF.

      By all means please use them for your PR work. If you need HiRes images please let me know, I can send it across to you.

      Take care 🙂


      1. Greetings… Once again, you are truly a very gifted photographer, You bring an brilliant element of illumination to my art work. Yes, I would love a HiRes of these two photographs of my work, I am going to be in an exhibit later this year and the PR department of Spelman Museum of Fine Art is asking me for HiRes images to promote the exhibit. The museum will give you full credit for these stunning photographs, which ever photographs they choose to use.

        Do you know how to contact me…!?!?!?

        If you write me a note on my blog I will get the note in my e-mail, my blog info is

        I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon….!!!

        Thanks again…!!!

        Xenobia Bailey


    1. Yes, even the artist who did the exhibition was very appreciative of my work ! Thx again for your commends .. may be one day, we all should collaborate and do an exhibition. I like artistic using different medium and language to address a common subject. Look forward for ur new work 🙂


      1. Captured just as colorful and artistic as the artworks. Wooww! I’m really just a starter on making Haikus. But, thank you very much Ajith.. I’m really honored when that day comes. Hihi.. Will surely be making next Haiku. Thinking of one of the photos from this collection 🙂


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