A camel market

What do you do when you when of your best buddy come down in town? Where do you hang out ? Well if he is also passionate about photography definitely not in one of the superlative malls in Dubai. We head down to unknown places. Nested few meters away form the Alain Road there is a camel market I frequent from time to time and we decided to head down there.

The camel keepers are mainly form African continent who made Dubai their home. Not for the construction boom most us are here for but to fend camels they came to love for. Most of these men are looking after the camels not because they are not getting any other job but purely for the love of the animals.
They call tell you every thing about the animals in their possession. Most of the camels you get to see here are for racing. They fetch anything between 8,000 AED to 50,000 AED.

I am not much of a face man but my friend is. He could walk right up to stranger and come out with a thought-provoking picture. I need to know my subject little more before I can frame them. So I decided to concentrate more on the men and their relationship with their surrounding when my friend blended right into these men and in a way became on of them. Of course the result were fantastic portraitures.

On the other hand my work, as usual were more of a broader prospective, trying to get the clutter out and get a clean frame.

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