The reflections of Amsterdam

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The fascination towards history, museum and architecture bought me to Amsterdam this time. Few days of work related stay in Frankfurt I boarded the flight to Schiphol (AMS). First of all I had missed my flight from Frankfurt to Amsterdam. Thanks to the friendly German who advised me to take the wrong train to the Frankfurt airport. Any way, when I arrived Amsterdam eventually I was very tired and the friend who was waiting in the train station had to leave for another appointment leaving the apartment keys with luggage keeper in the station.

For some reason the city was not at all lucky to me this time. It was raining most of the time and the crucial sunlight was missing for me go out and shoot. I also had cancelled my trip to the village I was planning to make because of the weather.

Any way, I managed few shots with half heart and here is the first series of them. I found the canals more beautiful in Amsterdam than in Venice. It is just me. Of course the architecture of Amsterdam always fascinated me. I even bought few miniatures from the local crafts man. They were complaining about the influx of Chinese cheep replicas spoiling their business.

The first series of my album is all about the canals and buildings surrounding it. I shall present the modern Amsterdam, faces I encountered there and the night pictures on the forthcoming series.

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