Burj Khalifa a Different Prospective

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Fine art photography is where the camera literally becomes the paintbrush for the photographer. He slows the shutter speed; pans, turns and the results can always be fascinating and full of surprises. The annoying light trails can be the beautiful patterns in his frame; those camera shake one is scared of can be made into an important element in your image.

There were many trials I made and the results were far from my satisfaction. When I see a subject with a ‘fine art photographers eye’ I know what I wanted. I tried to get the result but the outcomes were far from my own satisfaction until I got the above results.

Burj Khalifa, the icon of Dubai has been my subject of photography for many years. Every day when I drive past the tower I do take a moment to look at it with owes and respect. Each day I tried to read the message it gives out, some way trying to have communication with him.

It is an engineering marvel, raising high above the sky, touching the clouds, triumphant of mankind. This is what wanted to say in my picture. I waited for the right time to come. This is the challenge of being a photographer, he has to wait and wait for the right elements to fall into place. When the clouds gave a rare appearance to the night sky one day, I was sure this is one such day I should make my attempt. To capture Burj Khalifa again to give that different interpretation I always wanted to give with my camera.
Here I present, now it is your job to interpret.

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