Happy New Year 2017


Hoping for  less violence, less bloodshed and more understanding among us.


A train station

Gabby and Jacky in Kollam Station

Gabriel my son, getting ready for his first train journey in Kerala with his mother.

Baby Mynah


A fully feathered baby (called a fledgling) usually leaves the nest very early. Normally hide in bushes. They are not abandoned by their parents, they are always close by keeping an eye on their baby. Fledglings are often mistaken for birds that are injured or unable to fly when, on the contrary, they’re actually learning how to fly. A fledgling will hop out of the nest to perch on surrounding branches, or flutter to the ground, where it will be taught by the parents how to care for itself and find food.

Boy’s First Train Journey

Gabby's First Train Journey in India

Gabriel’s long cherished dream came true recently. A Train journey. His curious eye wandered around looking at the station and Kerala’s green landscape. A shot of him looking out of the window.

The Green Bug

Green bug shot in Kerala

A macro photography of a beautiful green bug getting ready to attack new leafs.

Monsoon clouds in Kerala

Varkala Monsoon Clouds

Monsoon clouds over Varkala beach in Kerala

Rain Clouds

Rain Clouds approaching

Monsoon rain clouds approaching the Kerala cost in India.